Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bad Luck

I thought these things happened in "threes". I have had more than my fair share recently, starting with the washing machine flooding the house on Mother's Day. Then my clothes drier started to smell like it is on fire. I haven't used it since. Emma wrote her car off last week and is ***most importantly ***unhurt but is without wheels, reliant on parents again to drive her around. Adam told us the power had failed in our P.C. when it is in fact a blown motherboard and then the brakes of my car gave me a scare last night. I was going to fill up with petrol before the price went sky high but turned around and came straight home. My car is now in a queue at Mentone Mota works, waiting until they have a chance to look at it. It can just sit there until it is fixed, I can walk to work, even Southland if I have to!

Monday, May 26, 2008

And now for something completely different.....

No, not really, but I did put Monty Python in my car CD player this afternoon, much to Sarah's disgust.

These delicate little brooches are for an Arty Oz Pin Swap. I have been working on them for aaaaages. I have been tweeking with all sorts of things and they are not like I had originally planned (nothing ever is). It is the first time I have used Crackle Accent and am very happy with the results. The next problem is sending them to hostess Vanessa in Queensland.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tag Book Swap

An Arty Oz swap going round the country as we speak. 8 ladies doing a double page in the owners book, sticking to the owner's theme.
This one took me FOREVER! The theme was colour, der, and after printing all the photos for Adam's 21st album, constantly running out of ink, I now find that I cannot print anything out at home. I had saved a few images after hours on the internet looking for something special but couldn't use them anyway.
So the silhouette image was cut from sticky backed vinyl I bought at Paperific (don't you love it when you find a use for stuff you had to have even though you didn't know what you were going to do with?) Because no one else had done lumpy bumpy (to keep postage costs down) I couldn't just add chipboard letters, I had to cut them myself, so many colours to choose from, I hope Nikki likes the final selection.

Mother's Day 2008

A day I will not forget in a long while. We had a late night Saturday night with Adam's party at the pub for his lively friends. Dale doesn't sleep in so he made me breakfast in bed, I really enjoyed that! But after 2 cups of tea, the Sunday papers and bacon, mushrooms and eggs, I felt I should do something other than lay around in bed so I put on a load of washing - and then return to bed. I love my bed.

Half an hour later all hell broke loose, the water didn't cut out when filling the machine and flooded the laundry and made a pool down the hallway in the carpet! The commotion got the kids out of bed and it was all hands on deck with every towel we could find. I had to get dressed to take the washing to Mum's to wash and bring back home to dry. I spent the rest of the day washing and drying, leaving notes on neighbour's lines to explain why my towels were hanging here, there and everywhere.

It was mid-afternoon before I calmed down enough to receive my hand made cards and - a CUTTLEBUG!!!! What a great surprise, I had been hinting to my girls but they protested that they had no money!

A week later I am still sorting towels, insurance sent out blow driers for the carpet and then it was steam cleaned. The carpet really needed a good clean.

I haven't even caught up with my Mother In Law yet but her card is pictured with one I made for my Mum. The first time I have used white rub-ons and I can't wait to get my hands on some more. And something to put through the cuttlebug!

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Dale and I have been married for 25 years , but with his Mum's 70th, Adam's 21st parties and Mother's Day, we couldn't really fit in anything special. We did have a seafood dinner for two at home, food lovingly prepared by a local restaurant. Hopefully soon we can celebrate with Gail & Peter and Jennifer & Robert, all married in 1983!

The Key Book was my card to Adam for his 21st. The pages for signing by relatives and friends.

The blue card, which in reality is a darker denim colour, was made by Gail.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Adam is 21!

We had a wonderful dinner on Sunday night for 39 relatives! No not at home, at Southland, my home away from home! LOL