Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum!

75 today! Just home from hospital so we couldn't go anywhere but her house for lunch. I was up at 7am, on a Sunday, to put the Weber on. Kathryn wanted to do a BBQ but she is renovating and has half moved into Mum's house so I suggested a roast. It was a great day with all the cousins getting together for a family Lamb roast. I am buggered now so I might have to give Dexter a miss tonight!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Play Day

Crafty Mums got together today after the school holidays although a couple of us were missing. We usually talk and muck around too much to get anything done but today was different. Jayne worked on her personalised family history, Gail worked on Stuart's Birthday card, Suzanne made her neice a card and I have a new ATC folder which I love. It is foolscap size and when it was given to me was covered in red vinyl. I also had help with my collaborative book so everything is looking good!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sarah also received two personalised canvasses. Emma made the bright pink one (her nickname for her sister is Booney) and MartheJane made the square one (note all the MartheJane photos!!!).

Sarah's Birthday

These are the hand made cards she received, from her Mum, Gail and cousins.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Luckily my swap pins turned up in Queensland so I didn't have to re-make them but I did have to re-do four puzzle pieces that I somehow managed to do backwards! This is my completed set.

The ATC's are an atc buddies art bag challenge, the only rule was that we had to use the silver rings provided, and of course imagination! I liked my houses so much I made extras and sent out a couple of RAK's.

June 2008

There are three reasons why I can't use my computer - 1. When the kids are doing exams and need my laptop, 2. When the computer is in for repair, usually with a virus and 3. when we go on holiday. All three of these occured in June. The worst was the virus that would not be cleansed until all files were wiped. Luckily I got to keep documents and photos (I have lost these previously) but I did lose all emails and contacts so it was a very quiet month. And I cannot understand how such an infection can occur when anti-virus stuff is up and running and I do not share files and download music like my 21 year old who was previously responsible for all these stuff ups.

A holiday to Torquay has restored my energies, walks on the beach, shopping and eating out! I did take my collaborative book pages to work on but didn't get a lot done. It was just too good staying in a brand new 5 star resort! The pic is of Emma and Sarah mucking about outside our room, across the road from the beautiful surf beach. It was cold, being mid winter but we are going back in summer to use their pools.