Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Craft Day

Usually I don't get a lot done when the "Crafty Mums" get together but today I was determined to work hard. Despite many, many weird and whacky distractions I completed four birthday cards for November. I only have 8 more to do! I can't work in bulk nor do I do cards in advance. As with my swaps I do them when they are due.

These are for Marilyn (note: special birthday), neice Ruby (6), nephew David (15) and Leseley, who I am taking out to dinner on Friday night.

House book

My latest creation is for Greta, cream house. I liked the door on the last one so much that I did another! I just hope Greta likes it too.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Puzzle Pieces

I have had this swap on the go for months and months and today sent my 9 pieces off to Tassie. I love the fact that you can just think about what you are going to do for ages and then -bang - everything falls into place, and they are not due until 28/11! The theme is Vintage Woman and I used a photo of my Great Grandmother. There are some very talented artists in this one, covering most of Australia so I can't wait for the returns.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A date to remember 6/11/2008

Emma is home today following major surgery, a very new beginning for her. We are all so glad this is over. She would kill me if I uploaded pics but she is very happy in her 12c surgical bras. She is also tired, sore and swollen and needs her Mum at this time, which is why I will miss Judy's (Red Velvet) class this weekend. I hope all of you lucky ducks that are going have a great time, looking forward to seeing some photos next week.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

House book

I have done 4 pages so far and this is my favourite, Architectural House, for Lucy. She told me she liked it too! I had a few problems with this one, Gail sent me a new image and when I tried to print it my HP jammed. I spent last weekend ripping bits out of the rollers. I didn't want to be late with my page so the image behind the door narrowed my choice a bit as I could only use what already had printed off. Luckily it all ended well. And the printer is now cleared ready for this month's swaps.